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Since the beginning of time people have gathered together to enjoy music and dance. Nothing excites people and draws them into an establishment more than a good evening of dancing with friends. Having a DJ who can command and maintain a presence on the dance floor could make a big difference in the number of patrons you have as well as the amount of profits you are generating. DJ Meosky is great at reading the dance floor and playing the right music to keep your guests entertained throughout the evening.

Show Me The Money!!!

Every business is profit driven. DJ Meosky understands that his ability to make money depends on his ability to make you money. Aside from being great with music, DJ Meosky is also a great MC. He is not afraid to get on the microphone and help you to promote drink or product specials, make announcements, etc. CALL TODAY OR CLICK BELOW TO REQUEST MORE INFORMATION ABOUT BOOKING DJ SERVICES FOR YOUR ESTABLISHMENT.

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DJ Meosky aka Joshua Newton

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